We believe in the power of collaboration and empowerment.

NOMAD hosts and promotes local initiatives of different communities and interests: art & music soirees, product launches, cinema nights and talks. We are proud to have partnered with like-minded companies and NGO’s to promote sustainable practices and products.

To date our partners include Solid Crafts, Primos de Origen and Rumi.

Solid Crafts - Logo
Solid Crafts

It’s a social organization that facilitates “know how” and jobs to artisans in Kenya, India and Peru.

They offer different initiatives to shelter and empower mothers, provide education to young entrepreneurs and facilitate an improved general level of wellbeing in rural areas.

Solid crafts can be used in the hotel rooms by our hotel guests and some items are available for sale in our Travel Gallery.

Primos de Origen

Primos de Origen is a family owned young company in the business of single origin, specialty coffee.

Primos de Origen identifies family run coffee farms globally, imports the beans and roasts them in Spain. Primos de Origen is also an educator in Spain.

We sell their coffee under our Café Nomad brand, which can be tasted in our restaurant Terra and is also available for purchase our Travel Gallery.

Rumi Earth

Rumi Earth is a sustainable brand in the area of yoga and natural yoga gear and organic active wear.

It is made of an innovative, patented composition of earth particles and rubber.

NOMAD Hotel Xábia Port is the first hotel in Europe to use them in the rooms, and are available for sale in the Travel Gallery.